Kitchen Sink: What Can I NOT Put Down the Drain?

Wondering Why Your Kitchen Sink is Always Clogged?

If you don’t care for your drain properly, even the best plumber San Jose has to offer may have trouble fixing it. To keep your drain clog-free, avoid disposing of the following items in your garbage disposal or sink.

1. Egg shells.
The garbage disposal isn’t an appropriate dumping ground for egg shells. Throw them away instead.

2. Fats and oils.
Note to Paleo and low carb dieters as well as general bacon fans: fats and oils adhere to the insides of pipes, leading to clogged drains. Again, empty these items in the trash can, instead.

3. Coffee grounds.
If you put them through the garbage disposal, coffee grounds will accumulate in your pipes and lead to clogging.

4. Anything that isn’t biodegradable.
In general, anything that isn’t biodegradable is a clogging hazard. Keep rags, produce stickers, paper towels, chemicals and anything else that won’t break down out of your drain.

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